• Welcome to ICS 2017

    14th Interdisciplinary Cerebrovascular Symposium
    June 28-30 2017

08:00 Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall (level 1)
HEMORRAGIC: intrasaccular thrombosis
Moderators: Karim Zouaoui Boudjeltia, Sakai Nobuyuki
08:30 Aneurysm spatial orientation and thrombosis, Axel Van Rossomme 
09:00 Platelet – arterial wall interaction, Yacine Boulaftali 
09:30 Intra saccular hemostasis changes following flow diverter placement, Omer Eker
10:00   Workshop (Joffre 4 room, level 1)
10:00 Coffee break – Demonstration stands (level 1)
10:30 Simulation of intrasaccular thrombosis, Jean-Luc Falcone
10:50 Estimation for the outcomes of flow diverter treatment intracranial aneurysms:FD deployment process (compaction), FD selection (size and type), analysis successful/unsuccessful, clot formation process, and CFD simulation results, Yi Qian 
11:20 Integrated treatment planning for cerebral aneurysms:
Deployment, haemodynamics and thrombosis for flow diversion devices, Yiannis Ventikos 
11:50 Impact of stents and coils on thrombus biology, Jean-Baptiste Michel
12:20 Pharmacological therapy to reduce flow-driven aneurysm wall remodeling, growth and eventual risk of rupture, Juhana Frösen
12:50 Synthesis and closing
Alain Bonafé, Franck Nicoud