• Welcome to ICS 2017

    14th Interdisciplinary Cerebrovascular Symposium
    June 28-30 2017

07:30 Welcome coffee in the exhibition hall
Pasteur Amphitheatre (level 0)
08:00 Opening, Alain Bonafé, Jacques Mercier
Moderators: Franck Nicoud, Vitor Pereira
08:30 Towards understanding mechanisms of aneurysm evolution:
connecting experimental, computational and clinical data, Juan R. Cebral 
09:00 Consistent prediction of intracranial aneurysm hemodynamics: challenging or not?
Kristian Valen-Sendstad
09:30 Virtual intracranial stenting research update and perspectives:
modelisation, clinical evaluation and CFD, Vitor Pereira 
10:00  Workshop (Joffre 4 room, level 1)
10:00 Coffee break – Demonstration stands  (level 1)
10:30 Aneurysm flow quantification in patient-specific 3D models, Andrea Froelich
11:00 CFD-based shape optimization of flow diverter stents for patientspecific cases, Gabor Janiga
11:30 In silico and in vivo validation process for new simulation software, Grégory Gascou,
Vincent Costalat 
12:00 Towards clinical protocols for aneurysm CFD in rupture risk assessment,
David A. Steinman 
12:30 Lunch break in the exhibition hall (level 1)
Moderators: Jean-Baptiste Michel, Isabel Wanke
14:00 The role of NF-kB in shear stress and aneurysm formation, Rob Krams 
14:30 Role of terminal and anastomotic circulation in the patency of arteries jailed by flow diverting stents: animal study and clinical findings, Charles Mounayer
15:00 Experimental evaluation of stent retrievers mechanical properties and thrombi removal effectiveness, Paolo Machi
15:30 Aneurysm treatment devices: in situ tissue engineering, Matthew Gounis 
16:00 Duality of thrombi, from healing to injury of the wall, Jean-Baptiste Michel
16:30 Workshop (Joffre 4 room, level 1)
16:30 Coffee break – Demonstration stands  (level 1)
Swissneuro Foundation
Moderators: Philippe Bijlenga, Richard Redon
17:00 Contribution of NGS-based studies to the genetic architecture of complex disorder,
Richard Redon
17:20 Genetic modifiers of disease severity in cerebral cavernous malformations, Helen Kim
17:40 Genetics of moyamoya disease and intracranial stenosis, Satoro Miyawaki 
18:00 Current knowledge on genetic risk factors for intracranial aneurysms, Ynte Ruigrok 
18:20 End of the sessions
Einstein Amphitheatre  (level 0)
19:00 Homages to Patrick Courtheoux and Jean Gabrillargues
19:15 Schubert concert : Voyage d’hiver
Dalton Baldwin, Philippe Coubes